- Aug 29, 2013
With the amount of ads and commercial campaigns that people see on a regular basis, creating one that will stand out amongst the rest can be a challenge, but these vibrant marketing techniques have utilized colorful designs and flamboyant features to draw in people’s attention.

Since print ads are plastered almost everywhere outdoors and commercials last only a minute or less, finding ways to attract viewers with such little time can be difficult. That’s why incorporating a variety of neon colors, bright lights or outrageous designs can serve to capture an audience and draw in their attention. From vibrant powder wars to glow stick stop motion ads, these vibrant marketing techniques will definitely have viewers glued to their screens.

Showcasing that a little sparkle and bedazzle can go a long way, these vibrant marketing techniques will surely have viewers intrigued by all the flamboyant and colorful designs.

From Cosmic Fruit Ads to Paint-Drizzled Shoe Ads: