The Frozen Dutch Ice Cream Brand Tells a Story for Each Flavor

 - Mar 19, 2013
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The innovative branding approach of this Frozen Dutch ice cream brand is no surprise since it's the outcome of three highly creative minds working together.

Art director Mr. Boonstra worked with photographer Wynne Veen to capture nine excitingly inventive flavors, using a combination of vibrant colors and dramatic packaging sculptures. He then commissioned writer Zack McDonald to devise a creative short story based on each flavor, something to capture the mind as well as the taste buds. You won't find anything as basic as vanilla in this collection of frozen treats, unless it is infused with 'framboos kletskoppen,' which is Dutch for raspberry gingersnaps, and a dark tale about a dream.

The Frozen Dutch ice cream brand has found a fresh way to keep a classic confection interesting.