P & G Ivory Soap Makeover is Fun, Fresh and Vibrant

 - Oct 7, 2011
References: washingtonpost & popsop
Most of us probably think that something as classic as Ivory soap -- it's 132 years old -- doesn't need to be changed. While that may be true about the soap's contents, that's not what the people at P&G think about its packaging. Ivory soap is getting a brand new makeover, complete with vibrant colors and cheeky messaging.

Instead of the brand's signature white, the new packaging for Ivory soap will incorporate fun and fresh colors from lime green to royal purple, as well as a simpler logo. Wieden+Kennedy, the agency responsible for such ad successes as the Old Spice Guy, is the agency behind Ivory's rebranding, which will also include charming and humorous commercials scheduled to air soon.

According to Popsop, Ivory soap has "lagged behind its rival Dove and faced increasing competition from the likes of Dial and Irish Spring."