From Hair-Minimizing Deodorant to Peach Fuzz Zappers

 - Apr 22, 2014
As the weather warms up, men and women alike are looking for quick, cost-effective and pain-free hair removal methods to get rid of unwanted peach fuzz. These hair removal products offer some peculiar options to help get rid of unwanted hair on arms, legs, back and elsewhere to achieve a hair-free and smooth-skin look.

For decades, men and women have been spending copious amounts of time and money to get rid of unwanted hair in different places. Lately, men are spending more time on hair removal -- a phenomenon now dubbed as "manscaping." To accommodate this growing aesthetic desire to be hair-free, beauty brands are coming out with unisex hair removal products like shaving stencils and curved razors. While these products may seem somewhat bizarre, people will try anything to be as hair-free as possible.