Fuzz Wax Bar Puts Stress on a Male Model

 - Jul 13, 2013
References: fuzzwaxbar & youtube
To promote its amazing services, Fuzz Wax Bar brought its advertising to life in a fun and interactive street event campaign. The company combined creative forces with Lowe Roche to cause a scene on the streets of Toronto that definitely received a lot of buzz.

This was no ordinary promotion; Fuzz Wax Bar hired a male model to wear nothing but waxing strips all over his body with the words "pull" on them. He then went out on the street and immediately caught people’s attention. He encouraged onlookers to pull any strip off his body, regardless of how much waxing hurts.

Although confused at first, the crowd quickly became excited to pull off the strips, and people stopped what they were doing to get a chance to pull. The experience was thoroughly entertaining, but there was an added bonus for people who participated – a bonus better than getting some of the model’s ripped hair. The people who pulled off a strip realized the strip was actually a coupon with funny phrases such as "From bear arms to bare arms," for 25% off their next visit at Fuzz Wax Bar!

By the end of the event the model was naked, and Fuzz Wax Bar successfully got the message across that it’s a fun and extremely great place to get waxed!