From Volcano-Inspired Autos to Celeb-Branded Luxury Vehicles

 - Apr 15, 2014
This list of Land Rover innovations proves that the British car manufacturer does more than make a luxurious line of vehicles. It may be sleek and made of both high-quality exteriors and interiors, but it's also known to be made with the outdoor adventurer in mind. Over the years, the company has been on the cutting-edge of automotive design, concepts and advertising, and this list of examples will further prove it.

Most recently, Land Rover announced it will unveil a 'transparent hood' at the NYC Auto Show. The system will project the digital details of the driver's dashboard, such as speed, over the outer hood of the car, so that they can remain focused on the road at all times.

Land Rover is also known for its unique campaigns. It was one of the first car companies to team up with a celebrity, in this case Victoria Beckham, to design a model. What will be next from the luxury auto-maker?