The Land Rover Eating Guide Supports Daring Drivers

 - May 13, 2012
References: fastcocreate
Though currently exclusive to the United Arab Emirates, the Land Rover eating guide shows its support for spunky customers. Previously exposed through 'laundrology' (a profiling of consumers through investigating what needs to be laundered), Land Rover drivers have a reputation of being caught in sticky situations.

Y&R Dubai, an advertising and marketing agency, has cooked up this clever campaign to help out Land Rover mishap magnets. The survival guide has relevant tips for survival, including a light-reflecting cover (to signal for help), wire coil to cook food on and of course, an edible aspect to it. The purpose of such an initiative is to build the relationship between brand and customer, representing an effort to show customers that Land Rover cares for their well-being. It is also a hilariously genius concept.

This campaign only goes to show how Land Rover is just as creative as its drivers.