The New Range Rover Evoque Interactive Ad Campaign Lets You Decide

 - May 10, 2011
References: rangeroverevoquebeinghenry & psfk
The new Range Rover Evoque ‘Being Henry’ campaign showcases how interactive advertising can connect consumers to a brand through storytelling. The campaign allows the user to live a day in the life of Henry, an average man leading an average life. Your choices dictate which toothpaste he uses, which pair of shoes he wears, and how he reacts to a series of wacky events as they unfold over the course of a day. You decide what kind of adventure the movie will be – action, love, fantasy, or comedy.

The wide variety of choices is meant to mimic the options available to consumers interested in purchasing the new Range Rover Evoque. At the end of the short film, Range Rover will recommend a car for you, based on the situational, color-based, and emotional choices made in the course of the interactive campaign.