The Land Rover 'Go Beyond' Ads Travel to Remote Landscapes

 - Oct 24, 2011
References: landrover & ibelieveinadv
The Land Rover 'Go Beyond' ad campaign takes a more surreal approach in its most recent advertisements.

Conceived and executed by Milan-based ad agency Y&R Brands, the Land Rover Go Beyond ad campaign envisions the Land Rover Defender driving on exotic terrains like the African plains or the Antarctic tundra. Although it is not going beyond the clouds as seen in the last print ad, these Land Rover Go Beyond posters still convey just how far a driver could go if he or she took up the challenge.

The Land Rover Go Beyond ad campaign was art directed by Marco Tironi, and compels viewers to buy this car and explore the world. What better way to see the African plains than in a high-end Rover?