Botox, Chemical Peels AND Shopping

Botox is an intensely popular treatment right now, and malls are beginning to get in on the anti-wrinkle action. Just imagine: you can shop your heart out AND stop in for some Botox on the same trip.

More malls are catching on to the new fad of adding designer-type spas to their halls. These spas will offer many treatments that are common to private business spas, including Botox injections, chemical face peels, and laser hair removal. All of these options will be at the fingertips of future shoppers, who are expected to go gaga over their easy availability.

As reported on MSN’s health and fitness page, skin experts seem to be cautiously supporting the new possibility, with their primary tip to consumers being: do your research. If you’re heading to your fave shopping mall for one of these procedures, make sure the people who are performing it for you are completely certified. Check out MSN’s page for an outline of questions to ask and "homework to do" before looking into this newly available shopping-spree possibility.