- Sep 22, 2010   Updated: Jun 20 2011
The broad 'Dancing With The Stars' age range in its contestants has definitely stricken up plenty of conversation. In a world where it doesn't matter how old you are, but more so how old you look, the possibilities for age-defying remedies out there are endless.

To pay tribute to those who have perfected the art of keeping their age a secret, check out these interesting age-defying features.

Implications - As first world nations are producing citizenry with much longer lifespans, the age group of "youth" is becoming more encompassing. This is reassuring to North American citizens as they're a youth culture-obsessed society. Marketers looking to target the higher-end age groups of consumers considered "youth" can appeal to this demographic by satiating their want of being considered young.

The 'Dancing With the Stars' Age Range Inspires Questions of Maturity: