Cupron Cosmetic Complexion-Enhancing Pillowcase

 - Aug 24, 2008
References: cupronsales & telegraph
If wrinkles and crow’s feet bother you, try sleeping on copper oxide pillowcases. Clinical trials have shown that after four weeks of use, the volunteers using anti-wrinkle pillowcases had noticeably less wrinkles. The study was supervised by a dermatologist.

It’s made by Cupron the company which produces copper anti-microbial wound dressings. Jeffrey Gabbay, the owner explained, "The surgeon doing our wound-healing trial remarked how an increase in collagen was helping to heal wounds. We wondered if it might work on fixing wrinkles and lines on the face. So we had some copper woven pillows made up and noticed that over a few days of lying on a cooper pillow lines on the face started to soften."

The fabric, which feels no different from ordinary textiles, irons out the finer lines best but still worked on all lines. It is thought that the skin’s moisture releases copper ions from the pillow cases which in turn stimulates collagen production below the surface of the skin.

The Cupron pillow case is currently on sale for $30. Add another $40 and you can get the set which includes the eye mask and gloves. It sure beats the cost of a face-lift!