Moore Allure

 - Sep 5, 2007
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Out of the murky swamps of Canada comes this 30,000 year old all-natural recipe for radiant, soft-as-a-baby's-bottom smooth skin. The beauty treatment from the bog reduces the appearance of aging, protects from environmental damage and regenerates skin to give men and women that glow they've been missing. The exclusive, bioactive sedge grass moor peat is the "the essential component that works at the cellular level to continually regenerate new skin cells for unparalleled results."

The three-step skin care begins with the daily purifying facial cleanser for instant freshness. Follow it up with the soothing herbal toner, an antioxidant rich herbal extract to tone skin, and, for men, works as a soothing aftershave! Seal it all in with the anti-aging skin renewal moisturizer. But why stop there? Kick back with a nice glass of wine on the weekend and slather on the radiance mask. The "velvety smooth, natural Canadian Moor mask exfoliates, nourishes and repairs with antioxidants and moor nutrients," the site assures you can "expect immediate and noticeable results."

And if you need one more excuse to run out and buy, they don't test on animals.