Foreskin Injections

 - Nov 18, 2008
References: dailymail & cityfile
Remarkably, the practice of circumcision is on the decline, and the anti-circumcision lobby is gathering followers.

This may soon change, however, if the new anti-aging treatment from Intercytex, Vavelta, (sounds a bit too much like cheese, if you ask me) catches on. The clear liquid is composed of microscopic new skin cells cultured from "babies foreskins," then injected into the skin to aid in the repair of sun damage, wrinkles and scars. (See the before and after shot.)

The UK trials used US "material" and have reported to be "astonishingly effective." Though slightly more expensive than the popular Botox, if people are willing to inject poisons and plastics, and use bird poo and who knows what else in the search for eternal youthfulness, then this doesn’t seem so ridiculous. It’s just the harvesting of these "materials" seems like it could be problematic, especially if the demand creates a need for black market goods.