- Apr 10, 2015
These anti-aging innovations range from organic botox alternatives to wrinkle-repairing shawls that will make one look years younger. As the media's obsession with youth and unattainable beauty evolves, cosmetic brands and retailers are finding new ways to enhance one's natural beauty.

While cosmetic surgery is a popular choice for many, those who aren't willing to go under the knife can still look youthful thanks to these modern anti-aging innovations. Standouts from this list include gold-infused skin treatments that give one's face a luxurious glow along with elaborate devices that stretch, tone and rejuvenate one's face.

Whether looking for a face slimming apparatus or a mask that makes you look ten years younger, the market offers a myriad of exciting choices.

From Organic Botox Alternatives to Wrinkle-Reducing Shawls: