Keep Your Skin Youthful with Anti-Aging Caviar by Holika Holika

 - May 24, 2013
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Non-edible anti-aging caviar oils prove that caviar is no longer just an exquisite French delicacy; it's a popular ingredient and huge marketing tool for the skincare industry, especially in Asia. South Korean cosmetic brand Holika Holika's 'Prime Youth Gold Caviar Capsules' looks like a jar of delicious caviar, but it's actually full of fabricated anti-aging oils.

The jar even comes with a small spoon for application, adding to the edible appeal of the bursty capsules. To apply, you scoop a small amount of caviar onto a tissue, pop the caviar so that the juices trickle out, then dab the caviar juice (without the peel) onto your face. The tiny capsules do contain beluga caviar extract, along with other healthy and effective ingredients like gold and marine organism extracts.

The packaging concept of this product mimics extreme elegance, with its shiny gold jar and caviar-replicating capsules. It may be Holika Holika's belief that anything with a luxurious appeal will sell. Each jar is sold for roughly $90.