U Autologous Offers Anti-Aging Products Made From Your Own Cells

 - Aug 28, 2012
References: personalcellsciences & springwise
Consumers are constantly searching for the fountain of youth, and that fountain may just be the U Autologous line by Personal Cell Services. The U Autologous collection of anti-aging skincare products is an innovative range made from your own stem cells.

Personal Cell Services will obtain each customer's stem cells, cells the body uses to replenish and repair tissue, at a young age through the process of liposuction. According to the company, the U Autologous line is the first skincare line to use customers' own stem cells, which will be cryogenically stored to be used in the future. Customers can then buy the U Autologous anti-aging products containing their own stem cells.

Further, as Springwise reports, since the stored stem cells are regenerated, customers can buy as many U Autologous products as many times as they wish.