Geneu's U+ System Analyzes DNA to Offer Personalized Skin Care

 - Oct 24, 2014
References: geneu & springwise
One concern many people have with anti-aging products is a lack of results, which is often due to a lack of personalized skin care. Based out of the UK, Geneu developed the U+ system, which uses DNA analysis to ensure skin care is customized for that customer. Their in-store gene analysis addresses the 0.1% of DNA that differs between every person.

Geneu made a microchip that is able to detect human DNA and find these discrepancies. The U+ personalized skin care system is bringing medical-quality technology to consumers. Geneu customers take a swab sample to begin with. Instead of studying swabs in a lab, which can be a lengthy process, the microchip is capable of finding the relevant information in only a few minutes.