Hydrogen Rich Water

I started studying water four years ago due to chronic heath conditions. I read information by Dr. Batmaghelidj’s, Dr. Yoshitaka Ohno, Dr. Masaru Emoto, Dr. Young (alkaline) and then Dr. H. Hayashi’s outstanding research and clinical studies.

Anyone that has studied the health benefits of water knows that Dr. Hayashi’s research belongs to the most quoted and referenced Ionized Water research papers on the Internet.

In short, Dr. H. Hayashi realized hydrogen holds the secrets to longevity, beauty and vitality. He found that everyone is hydrogen depleted and water ionizers could never be a practical means of producing hydrogen-rich water.

In 2001, Hayashi developed the "Hydrogen Producing Mineral Stick" which produces Hydrogen Rich Water simply, reliably and inexpensively. In December 2005, he improved the design with a new stick made of unique microporous sintered polypropylene, more commonly referred to as the Hydrogen Rich Water Stick or simply the Hydrogen Water Stick.

Customer reports include weight loss, help with sugar levels, face wrinkles diminishing, clear headedness, increased energy levels and my favorite --- the wife that took her husband’s Hydrogen Water Stick to work and wouldn't give it back.