There's No Danger of DUI with These Drinks

 - Jan 5, 2009
There are always unfortunate incidents around the holidays caused by drunk driving; Sam Shepard, Charles Barkley and Matt Dillon were all popped for driving under the influence in the past week. These non-alcoholic beverages below give drivers the lift they need minus the inevitable sobriety test later.

Sam Shepard, Charles Barkley and Matt Dillon were each initially charged with speeding, but Barkley and Shepard were then suspected of a DUI. We can’t help but wonder if one of the numerous energy drinks below would have made these men ease up on the gas pedal.

If you’re driving someplace where you might be drinking, check out the non-alcoholic beverages below for some safe, driver-friendly beverages that won’t make you end up in the same DUI boat as Sam Shepard or Charles Barkley.