Bottlegreen By Winemakers

 - Aug 15, 2007
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From the appealing sophistication of the labels, to the company's values, this is one fine product. With a fine wine appeal, they've branded their products with crisp, refreshing design and modern labels. Bottlegreen doesn't use artifical flavour, colour or preservatives.

The line includes Bottlegreen Elderflower which is ideal for refreshment on the go (250 ml) or, if you're in the mood for sharing at the office, the 1 litre container works fabulously. They also have a scrumptious line of sorbets including Ginger & Lemon which is dairy free, very low in fat and, for those watching their waistlines, weighs in at a measly 1.5 points per serving. The elderflower flavour mixes "The delicate taste of hand-picked elderflowers expertly blended with Cotswold spring water and carefully frozen, offering you not only a seriously stylish palette cleanser but a virtually fat free pudding." The spiced berry flavour is a "take on classic mulled wine recipes."

Bottlegreen knows you'll be hooked the second you first experience the fine-goodness on your tongue; that's why they knew you'd want sorbet on the run too. The sorbet pushups come in six scrumptious flavours.

All Bottlegreen products are "made with Cotswold Spring water and are uniquely cold filtered for a cleaner taste."