- Oct 19, 2011
The shocking news about the possibility of coffee extinction is making me think about other drinks that could replace the delicious aroma and taste of java. Early this week, Starbucks made the announcement, based on scientific knowledge, that the coffee supply of the world is threatened by climate change. Although it’s almost impossible to find a similar replacement to a cup of joe, the weather alterations of the environment are slowly, but surely, forcing people to change everything from food habits to recreational activities.

This announcement is sad and worrisome, and gives another reason to protect the world’s habitat. Jim Hanna, the director of sustainability for Starbucks, tells the Guardian, "What we are really seeing as a company as we look 10, 20, 30 years down the road—if conditions continue as they are—is a potentially significant risk to our supply chain, which is the Arabica coffee bean." The end of coffee would be catastrophic to many people, as this hot drink is an essential to daily survival in most urban jungles.

In an attempt to give some hope to java drinkers out there, this gallery has some exquisite options to help you cheer up about this potential coffee extinction. So take a risk and try something new now in case afternoon coffee dates and creamy frappuccinos come to an end. Sad face.

Climate Change is the Main Cause of a Possible Coffee Extinction: