Summercow Milk Packaging Describes a Hint of Juicy Flavor

 - Jul 25, 2011
References: bilicardona & packagingoftheworld
The creamy white beverage is a staple item in almost every refrigerator, but Summercow Milk packaging brings a drop of unexpected sweetness to the label and the liquid contents. Carrying watermelon, lemon and kiwi-flavored drinks, these charming cartons bring a delightful appeal to otherwise adventurous products.

The clean and simple design of these containers by Bili Cardona hint at a smooth and succulent taste within, and who could resist the characters that do the selling? Each sliced and bitten fruit is pictured with an umbrella and another accessory that equips it for the beach. Suggesting the personification of each figure without rendering it at all anthropomorphic, Summercow Milk packaging has an endearing appearance, perhaps as soft as the savors inside.