Non Drinker? Toast a Luxury Juice

 - Dec 12, 2006
References: kedem
Champaign toasts are great, unless you don't drink. Hence the introduction of Celebratory Juices. To accelerate its launch, Kedem Celebratory Juices is offering a pretty unique new year's promotion.

If you are pregnant and live in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut, and your baby is due within a week of New Years, you can get a FREE (wait for it) bottle of Kadem Celebratory Juice. "Unlike other carbonated beverages, Kedem Celebratory Juices are made from select wine grapes grown in vineyards in California and New York, and have the complexity and flavor of each of the individual variety of grapes. The festive bottles, rich flavors and refreshing taste give non-alcohol drinkers something to celebrate. "

Call 1-877-DueIn07 (1-877-383-4607) or email to request a free sample. Let the celebrations begin.