Beverage Manufacturer Kirin Introduces 'Ice Plus Beer'

 - Jul 28, 2011
References: japantrends
Any normal connoisseur of alcohol drinks would cringe at the thought of mixing beer with ice, but then again, most normal alcohol connoisseurs haven't tried Kirin's new drink 'Ice Plus Beer.'

Explaining that the canned beer was designed specifically to be enjoyed with ice, Kirin launched a social marketing campaign which included "hidden advertisements" and viral tweeting. Why the extensive media campaign? Japan's food and beverage markets are considerably more volatile than any other; companies like Pepsi and Nestlé push new, season-specific drinks into shops every few months. As a seasonal drink, Ice Plus Beer likely won't see production beyond the fall.

Yet, for the time being, the ice-cold beer enjoys robust marketing support. In fact, Japanese drinkers are offered a discount on cups before leaving any store that sells Ice Plus Beer, so that they can savor the drink while walking!