New Vivanno Smoothies

 - Jul 15, 2008
References: marketwatch
Starbucks is trying blended Vivano protein drinks now, a move that follows the recent announcement of the closure of 600 stores. The nutritional protein smoothies include a fruit mix blend, to which customers can add an extra shot of green tea matcha powder, and a banana-chocolate flavor which can be boosted by additional espresso shots. The 16 oz cups will contain 240-270 calories, 15 or more grams of protein (they're packed with whey powder) and 5 grams or more of fiber.

On my morning Starbucks run today, I was handed a sample of the "Protein Smoothies Powered by Kinetix" in the fruity banana mango flavor. It wasn't too exciting, it tasted like I would expect a banana flavored slurpee to taste, but it wasn't bad either. I'm guessing Starbucks is trying to target the health-conscious male demographic and non-coffee connoisseurs with these drinks.

Starbucks has also decided to discontinue the breakfast sandwiches, poached eggs on toasted English muffins with meat, cheese and other toppings because the scent they released when in the oven dominated the classic smell of fresh brewed coffee Starbucks has always been known for. (I missed that smell!) They now have a new fruit pastry which is under 300 calories as well as new cold, low-cal drink which will come in blends of fruit, dairy or yogurt.

After fierce competition by McDonalds who introduced Starbucks-style coffee drinks at the new McCafe, the coffee giant has been left slightly wounded. Perhaps these protein shakes are just the boost they need...