From Chicken-Infused Cocktails to Liquified Rotten Cheese

 - Jul 4, 2011
If you are looking for a way to beat the heat this summer, these seriously strange smoothies may not be the best options to choose from. However, they will provide plenty of cocktail conversation for the world's wackiest ingredients for a blended drink. Just try not to bring up the one about moldy cheese while sipping a daiquiri.

Other seriously strange smoothies include a cocktail made from blended chicken as well as a pureed burger. For anyone looking for a drink and meal all in one, look no further. They may not taste the best, but at least it saves time and makes one realize just how crazy some drinks can be.

Implications - These offbeat drink concoctions demonstrate how consumers are fascinated by products with an unconventional twist. Using shock marketing tactics such as disturbing drink arrangements is a great way to gain attention from consumers and sell a product.