Blue Stilton Milk Shake

 - Nov 10, 2007
References: farminguk
Horrifyingly true, there is now a drinkable rotten cheese on the market. The world's first Blue Stilton milk shake is being sold at Moo Juce in Brighton. The smoothie and milkshake specialists wanted to concoct a unique beverage that would be odd yet delicious.

Food and drinks on the go are a booming, as is dairy... and apparently, that encompasses the blue cheese market. People are also intrigued by the offbeat and bizarre, so really, shocking products like these shouldn't be, well, shocking at all.

There isn't just one standard blue cheese flavor -- believe it or not, there are variations. Taste-bud torturing combinations include peanut butter and blue cheese and heated Jamaican ginger cake to spice up the fermentation factor.

"Through listening to our customers and accommodating modern consumer trends such as the smoothie, we're strengthening Stilton's position as the King of English cheese" said Nigel White of SCMA.

"Creating the Stilton smoothie, or smooth-shake as we like to call it, was no easy task. But through vigorous blending and sampling, Moo juce were able to create not only one but four recipes that have been instant hits."

This sounds down right disgusting to me. Rotten cheese... as a drink. I'll pass, but for those who like Stilton, this could be oddly tasty.