From Minimal PBJ Sandwiches to Rock Legend Confections

 - Apr 16, 2012
Get your nutty fix with these tempting and creative peanut butter edibles. Go beyond the usual PBJ sandwich and indulge in an endless parade of intriguing creations. Celebrate the late great Elvis with a donut decked out in peanut butter, bacon and banana, or get your drink on with a cocktail loaded with peanut-spiked vodka.

Experience the adaptability of this classic lunchtime spread with these enticing peanut butter edibles. Even dogs can't resist the taste of these nutty concoctions. From peanut-filled milk bones to ice cream for dogs, good old peanut butter always steals the show. Now, you and your canine companion can enjoy the gooey texture and intoxicating flavor together.

Capable of some much more than ho hum sandwiches, these peanut-spiked treats are kooky, creative and full of flavor.