Honouring the Possibility of Canadians Eating Road Kill

 - May 17, 2012
These disgusting foods may make you nauseous, but they're nothing in comparison to the possibility of Canadians eating road kill via the proposed meat inspection rule changes. Gross edible foods come from all over the world, but who would have thought that Canada out of all places may lead a government-approved mangled meat revolution? With this proposed change, Canadians could be eating road kill.  This will question the safety of food, deeming "already-dead" animals edible by the Canadian Foods Inspection Agency. Recent budget cuts made to the CFIA make this proposal worrisome because combining more dangerous food with less monitors could be deadly. 

The cases of questionable edibles are not always this dramatic however, and sometimes are a result of culinary experimentation or cultural preferences. Some of these odd foods include breast milk ice cream, a 71,488-calorie pasta, poop burgers, edible insect sushi and more.