Stingray Is the New Other White Meat

Virginia oyster fisherman have turned a problem into delicious new delicacy. They’re trying to convince restaurant goers that eating stingray is the next culinary wave, and some diners are hopping on board. Others question the sustainability of this new seafood choice.

The cownose stingray is a menace to oyster fishing in the Chesapeake Bay area, and Virginia fisherman and restaurateurs have found that the best way to beat them is to… eat them. Chefs around the area are frying up the high protein, low fat meat and serving it in strips and fillets to hungry diners. Marketers are following the precedent set by the Chilean Sea Bass (the fish formerly known as Patagonian Toothfish) and have dubbed their new delicacy the Chesapeake Ray.

Stingray… it’s what’s for dinner?