From Chocolate Fudge Nachos to Candy Tacos

 - Dec 14, 2012
After looking at these wild Latin food innovations you'll probably find mainstream Latin food a bit boring.

One of the latest innovations in Latin food comes from El Pollo Loco. Chocolate fudge nachos with marshmallow cream dressing might be the craziest thing to happen to nachos in a long time. Available as a limited holiday menu item, these nachos are the epitome of gluttonous.

Staying with the sweet Latin theme, you can also create candied tacos that feature green colored icing, chocolate and M&Ms.

Not all the innovations include sugar though. In Las Vegas, the Nascar Cafe has a 6 lb burrito for just under $20.

Lastly, Doritos joined forces with Taco Bell to create a taco that uses the Doritos Nacho Cheese flavor as the shell.