Dos Equis Serves Veal Brain at the Feast of the Brave Taco Truck

 - May 9, 2011
References: creativity-online & clickz
The new Dos Equis campaign celebrates Cinco de Mayo with its Feast of the Brave Taco Truck. Serving tacos with interesting ingredients and flavors, the truck is traveling around New York for those who want to dive into something new.

Focused on making the campaign as synonymous with their brand as possible, Dos Equis has created the Brave Taco Truck with the idea that the tacos must be interesting and different, in line with their "brand’s central message of living a more interesting life." The exotic flavors featured are ostrich, cow tongue, veal brain and grasshopper.

The Brave Taco Truck is also "tightly integrated with Facebook," with its page streaming live video of the food trucks with people trying out the tacos.