From Spacecraft Food Trucks to Haute Mobile Kitchens

 - Aug 8, 2013
There has been an increasingly popular trend happening worldwide with food vendors taking their services straight to the streets, and these hip food trucks are showcasing just how engaging and potentially profitable these mobile restaurants can be.

While going out for dinner to a nice restaurant still remains to be a lovely and often sophisticated experience, these hip food trucks are more about offering a simple and easy-going way for patrons to enjoy fresh and well-made dishes. Taking their meals to the streets is an inventive way for restaurant owners to bring their dishes straight to the source, offering a reasonably priced and scrumptious meal that patrons can easily eat on the spot or take with them to-go.

From fresh vegan food trucks to double-decker pizzerias, these hip food trucks are serving to attract a much more youthful consumer who enjoys the aspect of these quick and easy meals.