- Jul 5, 2013
From Spanish wines to all sorts of tequila, Hispanic beverage trends tend to focus heavily on the drinking culture. While organic and kosher drinks are praised in Latin America, Spain seems to place more value on immaculate wine packaging.

A notable tequila brand is Mexico's KAH. KAH's iconic 'Day of the Dead' tequila bottles are shaped like skulls and hand-painted and themed to commemorate Mexican tradition, like Dia de Los Muertos. Taking a festive turn on beverage branding, KAH brings a celebratory attitude along with its bottles all year round. The tequila is kosher and organic, too, which is a huge selling point.

While Latin America is the land of tequila, Spain seems to be the land of uniquely labeled wines. Several design studios have labeled their wines with unexpected themes like barber shops or bacon.

A non-alcoholic beverage that saw tremendous success in Mexico is the Pepsi Kick by PepsiCo. The soda-energy drink hybrid mixed the taste of cola with a ton of caffeine. This drink took an impressive 44 percent of market share in the local energy drinks industry.

From Quirky-Labled Spanish Vino to Tequila, Tequila and Tequila: