- Mar 2, 2008
References: businessweek
Any trendy New York, Miami, or LA bartender will tell you tequila is the drink of choice.

The nouveau beverage of style may be changing to cachaça, however, after it was introduced at Fashion Week. First it's fun to say, (ka-sha-sa) and it comes from sugar cane.

"Another drink making the rounds at bars is the Brazilian Wax, concocted especially for Fashion Week this year," Business Week explained. "Take equal parts of Cabana Cachaça and pineapple juice in a rocks glass and equal splashes of club soda and Triple-Sec. Add a slice of lime."

It's Brazil's national drink, known often as "burning water" or "cat choker." It's 76 to 96 proof and is not aged like rum. Here's the funnest part: the best way to drink it, is mixed with rum. Yeah, like adding vodka to gin.