- May 6, 2011
Booze branding has become a top concern of liquor producers, and these 91 branding vodkavations show that competition between companies is fierce.

As of late, vodka brands such as Absolut have attempted to branch out into different flavors in order to attract more customers. Mixed drinks are popular in the liquor world, and vodka brands are recognizing that the harsh taste may not be a suitable ingredient. Innovations in vodka branding, such as tea-flavored vodka and bizarrely, cupcake vodka, have hit the shelves to tantalize drinkers' taste buds.

Vodka branding has also grown to include unique, eye-catching packaging such as limited edition bottles -- for example, the Sex and the City 2 SKYY vodka bottle. By branding the vodka with a pop culture topic, brands like SKYY have managed to associate themselves with the topic, which garners further popularity for the brand.

These 91 branding vodkavations show that creative branding in the alcohol industry is necessary to grab the attention of the consumer.

From Epicurean Liquor Infusions to Bong Vodka: