Vicious Breath in a Shot

 - Nov 13, 2007   Updated: May 12 2011
References: bookofjoe
What can turn you off more than a person's breath tainted with hard liquor? The person who exudes vodka AND garlic when they invade your personal bubble, exhaling violently into your face. If for some very peculiar reason you find this appealing, or you're a vampire slayer by trade, pick up a bottle of Garlic Vodka from Russian distillery, Vodochnaya Artel "YAT."

Implications - The garlic vodka is actually part of a new line of alcoholic beverages that were made to have an extremely strong taste. The new line is called bitter nastoykas and already has a horseradish-flavored vodka on the market. Many of the strong vodkas being made are perfect for cooking, as they enhance the flavor of the food.