The Altuse Website Gives You Different Uses for Everyday Products

 - Oct 28, 2009
References: altuse & thrillist
The AltUse website is a sweet new site that does three things very well; it saves you money, gives you alternate uses for everyday products and it keeps you highly entertained.

At the AltUse website I typed in the word "vodka" -- as I would like to have an excuse to keep more of it around other than just consumption/recreation.

I was both surprised and delighted to find the various ways that one can use the odorless beverage on the AltUse website; if you happen to overindulge in a bottle of Grey Goose and wind up losing your after dinner coffee cake all over the floor, you can use the remaining drops of vodka to efficiently remove your mess.

Other winners on the AltUse website list include removing Band-Aids and soothing jellyfish stings.