From Breakfast Cereal Cocktails to Icewine Martinis

 - May 17, 2013
There is no better time than summer to enjoy fancy alcoholic formulas when you're trying to get tipsy and these cocktail recipes concoct a variety of delicious ingredients to make sweet and savory drinks.

Enjoying an alcoholic beverage after a long day at the office is a common practice many people use to unwind. If you're someone who participates in this after-work activity, you might enjoy switching it up with one of these delicious cocktail recipes.

Fancy formula cocktail recipes add tantalizing tastes to the drinks you already love to sip. From ice cream truck cocktails to antioxidant summer cocktails, there is a recipe for everyone.

If you're hosting a summer party, or just want to try something new from the world of intoxicating beverages, try out one of these fancy cocktail recipes and prepare to feel buzzed.