Apple Pie Moonshine is a Sweet But Powerful Homemade Brew

A wholesome slice of Americana meets the questionable and intoxicating practices of backwoods liquor connoisseurs with this Apple Pie Moonshine. The adventurous blogger Mallory Jane from the tasty blog Hayseed Homemakin' created this intriguing booze under her own steam. Using apple juice and the usual pie seasonings along with the less than innocence addition of 190 proof grain alcohol, Mallory Jane wound up with a tasty yet powerful beverage that should be sipped with caution.

Mallory Jane does warn that this palatable drink does not taste as strong as it is, so try to limit your intake lest you find yourself busting out some embarrassing dance moves a top a less than sturdy table. Remember this is not your mom's apple pie! If you're looking to let loose than look no further than an amber jar of Apple Pie Moonshine.

Sure to have you singing loudly with a group of rowdy friends in now time flat, Apple Pie Moonshine is the most delicious beverage you'll never remember.