SSX Shakes Puts a New Twist on Cocktails

 - Mar 14, 2012
References: scaryideas
To create buzz surrounding EA Sports' newest version of its snowboarding game, they introduced SSX Shakes. SSX Shakes was a publicity stunt in which EA Sports invited influential bloggers from Belgium to join them in celebration.

The event featured a dramatic and daring new way to create the perfect cocktail. SSX Shakes used professional snowboarders to shake up the guests cocktails by doing tricks while carrying the cocktail canister. There were three cocktails to choose from; each of which were named after a corresponding snowboarding trick. The cocktail was then made up in the canister and given to one of the professional snowboarders who would then use the snowboarding trick to shake up the cocktail. As it turns out, to make the perfect cocktail all you need is some alcohol, a cocktail shaker and a professional snowboarder to do tricks at your disposal.