Vie70 Absinthe Packaging Touches the Heart and Liver

 - Apr 5, 2011
References: & thedieline
There's something both devilish and divine about this famed toxic liqueur, and Vie70 Absinthe packaging puts this paradoxical image front and center. Eunice Yip, a student at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, has developed this elegantly elongated bottle to contain the controversial beverage, embodying an irresistible red of passion and poison.

A fragmented silver typeface was chosen to mark the brand name, and capital sans serif text extends vertically to elaborate on the details of the product. The vessel itself has a sensual frosting, a black corked lid and a dark ribbon around the neck, garnished with a ruby rose.

Expressing an intoxicating aesthetic, the hallucinogenic alcohol variety puts on quite the savory seduction. Vie70 Absinthe packaging makes the potential drinker all the more likely to give into indulgence.