These White Russian Cupcakes are Laden with Liquor

These White Russian Cupcakes are not just sumptuously creamy they are also a touch tipsy. Clever blogger Rachelle Bowden showed her love for the Kahlua-spiked cocktail by transforming it into a decadent petite cake. The perfect snack for coffee enthusiast, these White Russian Cupcakes are a wonderfully boozy addition to any dessert table.

These naughty cakes start out innocently enough as angelic vanilla cupcakes. Their corruption began with a hefty helping of Vodka and Kahlua brushed over top of these devilish cakes. These White Russian Cupcakes are made even more devious with a healthy topping of lush Kahlua buttercream. As a final flourish these cakes were given a sweet sprinkling of shaved chocolate.

Lush, complex and intoxicating, these White Russian Cupcakes will, in the most wonderful way possible, rob you of your balance and common sense.