Saxton Cider Uses the Beauty of its Ingredients to Sell

 - Feb 5, 2012
References: & packagingoftheworld
The New Zealand-based branding firm Supply created these charming bottles and labels for the popular brand Saxton Cider. This naturalistic and delicious design won the Supply gold at the New Zealand Best Awards and it's not difficult to see why. The use of clear bottles allows the pale gold and amber beverages to sell themselves with their intoxicating hue. The bottles are adorned with simple black and white typography and detailed illustrations of the fruits that go into every bottle of Saxton Cider.

A celebration of the natural beauty of the produce that makes this tasty beverage possible, the Saxton Cider graphics look like they're fresh from a full color botany textbook. Carefully rendered with an astounding attention to detail, the Saxton Cider label demonstrates the all-natural approach the brand takes when crafting its product. The Saxton Cider bottles are simply capped with either a black or white top.

Sweet, simple and intoxicating, the Saxton Cider packaging uses natural beauty to entice would-be customers.