These Waffle Jelly Shots Are an Intoxicating Way to Start Your Day

Get a boozy start to your day with these Waffle Jelly Shots. Created by the geniuses over at the 'Jelly Shot Test Kitchen,' these liquor-infused early morning bites are one naughty indulgence. Thanks to these breakfast appropriate shooters, you won't have to wait until cocktail hour rolls around to get your drink on without judgement.

Move over mimosa, because there's a new boozy morning drink on the block. Available in both a traditional and blueberry flavor, these Waffle Jelly Shots deliver a complete intoxicating breakfast in one bite. Comprised of orange juice, maple syrup and cake-flavored vodka, these drunken eye-openers will keep you stumbling back for more.

Cute, kitschy and intoxicating, these Waffle Jelly Shots are the perfect way to get a little hair of the dog after an epic night of partying.