The Ron English Absolut Vodka Bottle Adds Artistic Twists to Alcohol

 - Mar 16, 2011
References: popaganda & highsnobiety
It's all about selling the product through the appeal of the package, so this Ron English Absolut Vodka bottle shouldn't have too much of a problem doing so.

The Ron English Absolut Vodka bottle is one of those alcohol packaging designs that look good enough to keep -- if you can keep track of where it is by the end of the night. The glass bottle is covered in the 'Mostrum' graphic done by English. The artwork features glaring eyes (possibly judging you as you have a go at your fifth drink with the potential to descend into wild drunkenness).

The bottle is a limited edition piece and is set to hit store soon. Unfortunately, it sounds like it'll only be available in Italian retailers.