Hangar One's Latest Flavored Tipple Tantalizes the Tongues of Spicy Food Fa

Hangar One is a boutique distillery noted for their old-fashioned approach to making premium alcohol. Their latest flavor, Chipotle, is made especially for pepper-loving drinkers and is quite possibly the most perfect vodka in existence for a Bloody Mary.

St. George Spirits' Lance Winters is the creative mind behind Hangar One Chipotle, and he says the vodka gets its flavor from a number of different peppers. First, chopped jalapenos and Fresno chilies are macerated in vodka. This peppery mix is distilled with unflavored vodka for a bright base. It's added to a separate distillate of smoked jalapeno and bell peppers, and a habanero infusion completes the well-rounded pepper vodka.

I love that Winters was inspired to create this pepper vodka to honor the Bloody Mary. While Hangar One Chipotle can certainly be mixed in other drinks, this reverse-engineered booze shows a level of care and quality that I can definitely appreciate.