From Buffalo Wing Cupcakes to Wasabi Caviar

It seems that more and more people are hopping on the fiery food train and heading to "My-Mouth-is-On-Fireville." Taste buds have begun to demand more, but luckily these spicy treats are there to fill that need.

The number of ridiculous hot sauces is immeasurable, but some of the highlights include 'Zombie Hot Sauce' which tastes like the burning flesh of the undead and 'Lethal Injection Hot Sauce' which may in fact kill you. But it's not just sauces that are getting hot. Even desert takes a turn for "My-Mouth-is-On-Fireville" with the 'Buffalo Chicken Cupcake' which puts a chicken wing on top of a blue cheese cupcake.

Fiery food is not for everyone, but those who do enjoy it are sure to kick out of these flavors.