Jail House Hot Sauce Created by Hillsborough Country Jail Dwellers

 - Sep 10, 2009
References: jailhousefire.org & springwise
Want to really spice up a dinner party? Then serve up some Jail House Hot Sauce made by inmates!

Inmates at the Hillsborough Country Jail not only create the different sauces (which come in 'Original,' 'No Escape' and 'Smoke'), but they also market the Jail House Hot Sauce brand, leveraging their barred existence to create a pretty badass product. With slogans like, "Murder on Your Tastebuds," "It's so Lethal" and "Open at Your Own Risk," how could you not be enticed?

Jail House Hot Sauce isn't currently sold in stores, but if you're brave enough to add some inmate-designed zing to your cuisine, you can order them online!